What We Do

USA Teachers offers an innovative program designed to forming a powerful bridge between university graduates in the United States to high-quality schools in South Korea and China, providing outstanding opportunities in teaching for both parties.

South Korea and China are both equally fascinating countries with rich cultural histories and wonderful people. Teaching English in with USA Teachers is a unique opportunity to live and work in a quickly developing country while enjoying the benefits of earning income for saving or leisure.

It is an experience you will never forget.

What does USA Teachers offer?

  • We use our consultants in Korea (online and on the ground) to connect you to a variety of schools.
  • USA Teachers’ representatives will give you free advice on contracts, job offers and locations.  We insist that your experience in Asia be one that you can enjoy!
  • Before you even arrive in country, USA Teachers is there to guide you through the visa and passport process.
  • We will coordinate your arrival in South Korea or China and make sure you make it safely to your new home.
  • Throughout your teaching experience, USA Teachers will keep in touch with you.  We are happy to answer any questions and/or give advice about teaching, living or traveling abroad..

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